Welcome to the CPUVInf homepage!

CPUVInf is a tiny, simple and very useful diagnostics tool for the Raspberry Pi 1, 2 and 3 mini computer series. It is written in shell scripting language for Linux operating systems and therefore has compatibility with every ARM version of Linux for Raspberry Pis. It derived from an experimental script to read the CPU frequency and system voltage and has turned into a great diagnostics tool.

Brief feature overview

  • Display of the current processor and graphics unit temperature
  • Displays the processor clock speed and its governor mode
  • Displays the graphics unit clock speed
  • Displays the operating voltage of individual components
  • Displays the allocation of memory for system and graphics unit

And that isn’t everything! Always looking forward to add more features in the future (feature requests are welcome).

CPUVInf at Github: CPUVInf Github Repository

More about CPUVInf and its features is available at the about page. Do you want to install CPUVinf on your system? Read the installation guide. Would you like to learn how to use CPUVInf? Read the usage page (with screenshots).

Feedback, feature suggestions and bug reports are welcome. Don’t hesitate and contact me via e-mail.